How to Cook With Beer


While many people in Singapore flock to their favourite Arab Street district pub or restaurant for a nightly sip of beer, far fewer realize that many of their favourite recipes can be improved with the use of beer including meat, breads and delicious desserts. Most of the wonderful hodgepodge of cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian available to cook in Singapore are made better with beer because beer tenderizes while it adds bitterness from the hops or sweetness from the malt.
There are several ways to make meat delicious with beer. When making Bak Kut Teh try adding a can of beer to the broth. If your broth becomes too thin, then simply add a little corn starch and simmer until it reaches the correct consistency. Alternatively, Mee Rebus is perfect when you add beer to the liquid. If it becomes too watery, then thicken it up with some more potato flakes. Almost any dish is better when you incorporate a little beer into it. If your meat is chicken, fish or ham, then try incorporating a pale mild ale or if your meat is lamb, then incorporate a dry stout like Guinness Stout. Alternatively, if you are doing wild game, then try incorporating some Heineken beer.
Breads, fritters and pancakes all benefit from the addition of beer because it lightens the texture and makes the crust extra tender. If you are worried that the addition of beer may ruin your creation because of its foaminess, then whisk it a little in a separate bowl before adding it to your dish. It is easy to incorporate beer into the filling of your favourite dim sums. For example, a great hot mustard sauce can be created by combining equal amounts of cornstarch and sugar and adding half as much vinegar and dry mustard. Then, stir in your favourite beer and add vinegar to suit your tastes. This hot mustard is particularly tasty with bok choy and Chinese chives inside a dim sum.

You can create so many different desserts with beer as the main ingredient. An easy one to make is Guinness Stout Chocolate Mousse. Start by combining three times the amount of heavy whipping cream to the beer you want to use. Warm it slightly on the stove. While it is warming, combine a spoonful of sugar with an egg yolk and whisk until completely combined. Take the egg white and beat it until it forms stiff peaks. Then, fold the egg white into four ounces of chipped semisweet chocolate. Pour the mixture into tall glasses and refrigerate until set. Just before serving, beat some more heavy cream and add a tablespoon of sugar. Pipe onto the top of the mousse and serve.
If a beer goes well with a particular dish, then it usually makes a great addition to the recipe. If you are making a dish with a broth that must cook more than one hour, then add the beer later in the cooking time. Otherwise, you can substitute all the liquid in the recipe with beer. Check out this beer delivery in Singapore so that you will have a great selection of beers on hand when creating culinary delights.


The Convenience of Los Angeles Vacation Rentals


Exciting Sun-Kissed Las Angeles, California Trips 

Los Angeles, California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. That’s no shocker, either. Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, the centre of the entertainment industry in the United States. If you’re a big fan of the film industry and of the stars, a visit to Hollywood should definitely interest you. The Los Angeles area is also home to countless other big tourist draws. These include the Getty Center, beautiful Griffith Park (a popular hiking spot), the world-famous amusement park Disneyland, Dodger Stadium and Sunset Boulevard. People who love beautiful sunny weather, films and recreational activities often gravitate to Los Angeles for fun-filled getaways.


Los Angeles Accommodations 

Since Los Angeles is such a big tourist destination, it has many lodging options available to visitors. There are hotels of all varieties located all across the Southern California metropolis. If you’re a Los Angeles visitor who is searching for pure luxury, there are plenty of high-end hotels available to you. If you’re a Los Angeles visitor who is on a tight budget, there are plenty of more affordable motel options available to you as well. If you’re a Los Angeles visitor who is in the city for work, there are many modern and convenient hotels that offer business-related amenities. There’s definitely no shortage of hotels and motels located all throughout Los Angeles. If you need a place to comfortably rest your head while in L.A., you should be able to explore many choices in accommodations.


About Vacation Rentals in Los Angeles

Hotels in Los Angeles can be nice, but they can also often be extremely pricey. If you’re going to be staying in Los Angeles for weeks or months, you may want to explore other options such as Los Angeles vacation rentals. Vacation home rentals can be excellent for Los Angeles visitors who don’t want their lodging costs to add up too quickly. They can also be excellent for Los Angeles visitors who want little slices of home. If you want to experience Los Angeles without having to sacrifice all of the modern conveniences you have at home, looking for a vacation rental can definitely do the trick. Hotel rooms can be a bit too small for extended stays as well. They also often lack full kitchens. If you don’t want to have to be limited to constant dining out while in Los Angeles, a stay in a vacation home rental that’s equipped with a kitchen can be a wondrous option.

Vacation Rental Websites 

Finding a vacation home rental in Los Angeles shouldn’t be something that makes your head explode in frustration. A respected real estate agent in the city, for example, can show you listings. You can also find listings by searching vacation home rental websites on the Internet. These can give you a lot of insight. If you want to rent a home in a certain area of Los Angeles, these websites can help you. They can also help you look for rentals that are within your price range.


Your Guide to Buying a Luxury Watch in Malaysia


Watches are an important accessory that reflects time as well as an individual’s style and aesthetic desires. Luxury brand of watches easily stand out from the rest of the pack because of their unique style, durable nature, array of embellishments, high prices and advanced features. There are numerous internationally acclaimed luxury watch brands. The most popular brands include; Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Seiko, TAG Heuer, Rolex and Patek Philippe. The market for luxury watches is highly competitive in Malaysia. To find out which luxury watch is right for you, start by conducting good research. Below are important tips to consider when buying luxury watch brands.

1. Budget 
This is the most important aspect to consider when buying a luxury timepiece. Since most luxury watches are highly priced, it is important to choose a watch that you desire to wear and can afford. This will help you overcome the temptation of buying something you will not like or something that will be too expensive to maintain.

2. Function 
Function is another critical aspect to look at when choosing a luxury watch. Since there are many types of luxury watches, the qualities to look for in a sporty watch will likely be different from that of a watch you want to wear to an office or with formal attire. In case of the latter, you would look at features such as chronograph style and calendar among other defining features. For a sporty watch, you will be more inclined to look at factors such as water resistance and the ability to resist elements such as rust and mud.

3. Brand 
The brand of the watch you buy is greatly influenced by the price you are willing to pay. For example, a brand of watch associated with ruggedness will likely vary in price compared with a luxury timepiece that is associated with class and elegance.

4. Aesthetic appeal 
It is always important to choose a luxury watch that has an aesthetic appeal because you want a watch that you will feel comfortable to wear or show off.

5. Craftsmanship 
Craftsmanship includes aspects such as the complexity of the watch, special features and the time it takes to piece up the timepiece. Special features include elements such as perpetual calendar and moon-phase display among others. The other important elements of craftsmanship include; type of production and the finish. The main watch production techniques include assembly, careful engineering and prototyping.

6. The artistic value 
When it comes to artistic value, luxury watches should be considered as mechanical pieces of art. Some of the most important elements here include the application of artistic techniques such as enamelling, engraving and gem setting among others.

7. Inherent value 
The inherent value of the watch is its worthiness after the label has been stripped off. The key aspects that define the inherent value of any luxury watch brands include the type of metal or materials used in the production. Some of the most desired metals include; gold, diamond, silver and platinum.


Tips for Data Recovery


If hardware failure or data corruption takes place at your business, you can easily fall into a blind panic. Chaos and bad decision making can follow within a short period of time to compound the problem. After businesses lose their data, around 60 percent of them will go under in the first year. It does not have to be that way, however. Taking the right precautions to keep your data safe on multiple platforms will save you a lot of pain and suffering over the long term.

Hand Of  Businessman Emerging From Loaded Paperwork Desk Holding

Tip #1: Seek Help from a Professional 

Trying the do-it-yourself method can inflict more harm than good on your business. A professional may not be able to recover your data, but she may have a better chance than someone untrained in the field. Avoid listening to your friends on home remedies because this can exacerbate the problem and cause it to cost more money or make the files impossible to recover.

Tip #2: Preventable Measures are Better Than Undoing Damage

Truth is, if you do not take the right precautions ahead of time, data recovery in Singapore or anywhere can be outrageously expensive, and you have no guarantee that the information will be restored. Desperate business owners backed into a corner, however, will disregard the cost and pay for recovering lost files that they may never see again. If you take action to prevent data loss ahead of time, it can make recovery less of a hassle. Remember: It is much easier to prevent disaster than it is to undo the damage from a disaster.

Tip #3: Weekly Test Drills

Many IT maintenance companies will run a weekly test drill on the data recovery solution. Why does this matter? A lot of business owners automatically believe that the data recovery plan that they have set up will protect them. The sad truth is that a data recovery plan will only be useful if it works in your time of need—gone are the days where a simple flash drive could back up all your needs. Many IT companies will test your system weekly or even daily to make sure that if disaster rears its ugly face, you will have a backup plan that keeps your business afloat.

Tip #4: Multiple Redundancies

In the data recovery world, multiple redundancies mean that you do not use a centralized location for backing up your information. One of the ways that service providers offer multiple redundancies is through the cloud. This system automatically has multiple points of backup that keep everything running smoothly. If a fire or earthquake obliterates server information, you will still have your data via the Internet.

Good data recovery in Singapore can be whittled down to having a great professional IT company to stand behind you. A company that works in this industry will have greater knowledge of the subject to provide you with an adequate recovery plan that keeps you protected even in the event of a calamity. The golden rule is that having a plan will only prove valuable if it actually works when you need it.


Serviced Apartments – What Are They and How to Invest in One?


Just by looking at the term “serviced”, you probably have an idea of what the property type is. In a nutshell, serviced units are fully furnished that can be leased for short-term and long-term vacancy. Unlike some traditional apartment units, quotes for serviced units also include utility bills and amenities like maid service and concierge. If you plan on buying a serviced apartment soon, here’s how you can get started.


Determine Budget 

Gather all your savings and liquid assets. Combine the number with the mortgage amount you are eligible to take out from the bank. Include the savings of any partner you have in this venture. Being a big-ticket item, you want to make sure you have enough money from the start up to the finish line. You also want to make sure you’re getting the right type of property that suits your investment goals, financial situation, and lifestyle.

Determine Eligibility 

Since the 1970s, Singapore’s government has been imposing limitations on property ownership by foreigners. Cases of all private residential property ownership are encompassed by the Residential Property Act, which aims to balance land ownership between locals and foreigners. To buy serviced apartments in Singapore, you must be either a Singaporean citizen, must have a family member who is a citizen or a permanent resident. Eligibility requirements will vary on the type of property you are looking to purchase.


Look For a Realtor 

Buying Singapore property involves tedious paperwork and stringent regulations enforced by housing boards and the government. Having a realtor to help you simplifies the process. Engage only one realtor as most realtors use the same database for their listings as other competitors. Enlisting the help of one agent saves you time from visiting the same properties.


Scout For a Location 

Prospected locations depend on whether or not you are buying the Singapore property for a permanent relocation or as a rental yield investment. Listings within prime districts will better retain their resale value and typically post higher capital gains as long as the country’s real estate market is stable. Properties near the suburbs are cheaper and have relatively lower demand from buyers.

Prepare an Option to Purchase 

Once you’ve zeroed in on the right property, make a move to secure the rights to purchase it. In some cases, other more aggressive buyers may snatch a property you’re looking to buy. This can result in a drastic loss in time and effort invested into the property. An Option to Purchase, as the name implies, gives you the right to purchase the property. You will have to pay 1 percent of the purchase price in exchange for the rights. Most deals give you two weeks to implement the Option to Purchase, after which it is deemed void.

Follow these guidelines step by step and you’re halfway there. Serviced apartments in Singapore offer diversification in your existing investment portfolio or as a good home for you and your family to live in. As the country’s economy continues to skyrocket, the valuation of your held serviced unit will only continue to increase.

What Causes Poor Eyesight in Computer Users


Did you know that regular computer users have a host of eyesight issues that non-computer users don’t face? Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS is a term used for myriad of eye problems associated with staring at the computer screen for too long. Around 50 – 90% of computer users have at least some symptoms showing that an eye issue is just on the horizon. Here are some reasons why computer users have poor eyesight –


Repetitive Stress – Like any other injury involving repetitive stress, poor eyesight is a result of the same activity being performed by the eye over and over. As people work on their computers, the eye is constantly under stress and gets no relief. It is like a twisted ankle being overworked from jogging and exercising. The repetitive activity causes the eyesight to become poor overtime if something is not done about it. Computer users are frequently switching between screens as well which can further amp up the stress on the eyes. Looking down at the paper and at the screen again over a long time without relief can worsen eye issues.


Glare, Flicker, and Screen Contrast – The computer screen has glare and contrast issues. It also has flicker which causes the eyes to readjust every few seconds. As you switch between windows, look down and type on the screen, and expose your eyes to the harmful blue light from the screen, you are causing your eye to overwork itself. For people whose primary job involves sitting on the computer, it is important to visit an eye specialist clinic once every few months to ascertain the damage. Wearing glasses and getting an anti-glare shield for the screen is also recommended.


Constant Focus – As the eyes get older, the lens loses its flexibility. While youngsters can focus for long hours on the computer screen without feeling tired or having itchy eyes, older people would experience some common eye problems. This includes red eyes, itching, tired eyes, pain in the eyes, et al. All this is due to the constant focus that is placed on the screen and the overworking of tired eyes. For vision issues and eyesight problems, Lasik in Singapore can be a good option.

Apart from visiting an eye specialist clinic and getting Lasik in Singapore, users should also reduce stress by adjusting the screen brightness according to the time of the day and taking breaks from constantly working on the computer.


Why Your Face is Dry in Humid Weather (And How to Balance It)


Humidity is defined as the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere. When it comes to your skin, high humidity can feel muggy during warm weather and clammy during cooler weather. For many skin types, high humidity can actually be good for the skin as it replenishes the surface layer with moisture and helps minimize the appearance of dryness and wrinkles. However, there are cases when humidity doesn’t help dry skin, and it’s important to take care of it the right way in these conditions.


Everything from genetics and age to diet and climate can cause dry skin. You might think that high humidity would work wonders for all types of dry skin, but that’s not always true. Moisture in the air is not necessarily absorbed into your skin and can actually dry it out even more. Environmental factors and sun exposure play a part, too. Using the right skin care products in humid conditions will help you soothe, cleanse and hydrate dry skin properly.


Warm, humid climates often cause you to sweat. While sweat is a great way to rid the body of toxins, it can actually be dehydrating for your skin. Not only that but toxins released from sweat can remain trapped on your skin if you don’t clean it the right way. Using cleansers with harsh ingredients such as alcohol, which strips the skin’s surface oils, can make the problem worse. Use a gentle pH-balanced face wash once or twice daily to keep skin clean and clear. Be sure to use tepid or lukewarm water as hot water is both drying and damaging.

As with every skin type, it’s important to keep your dry skin moist and hydrated. This is where emulsion skin care can be a life saver. When used as a moisturizer, a water-based emulsion is lighter than most creams and lotions, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It also allows your skin to breathe and will retain moisture without clogging your pores in muggy, humid conditions.

Because high humidity means more moisture in the air, it can be tempting to over treat dry skin. Choosing the right skin care products such as a gentle face wash and a light emulsion moisturizer can help bring balance and radiance to your dry skin. As always, drinking plenty of water helps nourish and hydrate your skin from within, no matter what the weather.


The Right Way to Buy HDB Flats in Singapore


Singapore is a country rich in cultural heritage. It’s also one of the strongest economies in Southeast Asia thanks to its backbone industries, namely finance and business. If you are moving to Singapore and is looking for permanent housing for you and your family, there are many condos, apartment units, and single-family houses you can choose from. However, none of these options can contend with HDB flats when it comes to affordability and practicality.


What are HDB Flats? 

HDB flats for sale are managed by the Housing Development Board, hence the given name of the property. You’ll find that around 80 percent of the country’s population live under such accommodation. HDB flats are situated in housing estates, which are sort of self-contained towns that have all social services and facilities necessary including schools, healthcare centers, malls, and grocery stores.


How to Buy 

When buying property in Singapore, you have to know the proper etiquette involved in transactions. Of course, one tip is to avoid being late to appointments with a prospected seller or broker. It’s best to arrive early and have a quick look of the property from the curb.

Aside from behavior, you should also be aware of the legal matters involved in procuring a property in Singapore, specifically an HDB flat. Over the years, housing authorities have created various forms of sales models for HDB flats. The current model is referred to as the Build-To-Order program that was launched more than a decade ago.

It’s important to know that there are key differences in leasing vs buying an HDB flat. For instance, in order to be eligible to purchase a flat, the buyer must be a citizen of Singapore and be at least 21 years old. Non-citizens and those without families are restricted from purchasing new HDB flats, yet they may lease one.

Other eligibility conditions include household status, time restrictions, and annual income. This year, the Housing Development Board raised the monthly household income lid from $10,000 to $12,000. Typically, HDB flats are sold on 99-year lease contracts.

Consult a Broker 

Real estate brokers are a necessary network when it comes to purchasing property, especially if you’re new to the country or city and have little to no experience in its real estate market. Choosing a broker, however, is as difficult as choosing the type of HDB flat you’ll be buying.

One defining characteristic of a good Singapore-based real estate broker is their book of properties. See if they have a good range of property listings that fit your criteria. Also, avoid working with multiple brokers as most of them use and show property listings collected from the same database. You’ll end up getting shown the HDB flat twice or thrice, which simply costs you time and money.

Overall, HDB flats are a great first home for you and your family in Singapore. They’re practical, affordable, and already have a solid community structure in place where you can grow personally and professionally. Majority of HDB complexes are also located near the MRT system so getting from one place to another is effortless.


Simple Tips To Ensure Everybody Participates in Team Building Activities


Team building events are essential in any office setting even if the team members are scattered across the globe. The importance of team building is the reason why Singapore team building companies like Griness exist. The activities break the ice between colleagues and give the managers the opportunity to know their staff members at a more informal level. You need to realize that the people in the office all come from different backgrounds, and hence need to understand one another.


In that regard, there’s need to introduce team bonding ideas aimed at breaking the ice. While there are many team building events in Singapore that you can engage in, the manager has to ensure that everyone is involved in the team bonding events and activities. Here are some helpful tips to achieve that without disrupting everyone:


Include Fun

Any kind of team bonding ideas that don’t leave the team smiling with happy memories is as good as nothing. A combination of 70% fun and 30% work will make the activity a success. Likewise, don’t stress on too much of fun; let everyone be themselves and see the team building ideas as fun.


Understand The Team Profile

When you understand the backgrounds and personal lives of your team members, you’ll understand their strengths and weaknesses. This way, you’ll be able to identify the areas of the team that should be worked on.


Ensure Contact

Team bonding ideas that don’t involve a lot of contact and interaction amongst the members do not achieve their purpose. To ensure that the exercise is effective, it is imperative that you provide the members with a common platform to communicate with one another. Divide the team members in groups that are an even mix of individuals with different personalities.


Uphold Relevance

While the activities must be fun, you have to include the 30% work part, always. If the team can’t relate an activity to something in their worked environment, they’ll be bored. With this, they’ll understand the significance of working in a team.



It is essential to consider the duration of activities, in that you should space several activities during the hour instead of having a single activity that drags on for a considerable length of time. Evenly spaced activities allow for a better attention span, in addition to keeping the ‘fun’ factor alive.



Team building activities and events are important for augmenting cooperation and teamwork among co-workers. Likewise, Singapore team building companies, such as Griness, can help your employees form an efficient team and go all-out toward common goals in the office, improving overall productivity. With the availability of many team building events in Singapore, you should also have some backup events on hand, which you can turn to should you find that one particular event is not interesting enough to the team members.


Buying a Home in Singapore

human hands holding model of a house against nature background

Looking for a home is one of the most important things that anyone can do. Over the long term, a home is usually a very important asset for people to own. Not only do people get price appreciation out of the home, but they are also able to invest in various other real estate. There is a lot of property for sale in Singapore that is great for families to live in. However, it is difficult for many people to make positive decisions when it comes to their real estate purchases. More often than not, real estate becomes an emotional purchase. It is vital to keep the long term in mind when it comes to purchasing real estate in your area. There are a lot of people who have been able to invest in real estate in a way that makes them money over time. If you are interested in buying real estate in Singapore, start following Singapore property news in order to get the inside information on local markets in the area. This will go a long way in allowing you to make a good financial decision. Here are several things to keep in mind when it comes to investing in real estate in this area.


Finding a Home

Buying a home for your family is much different than buying an investment property. There are features of family homes that are much more important than when you buy an investment property. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who are able to invest in this area of their life. Always look at the long term potential of the area when you are finding a home. There are a lot of people who decide that they want to quickly buy a home whenever possible. However, it is vital to spend some time learning the market. This is the only way you know that you are making a quality financial decision for your family over a long period of time. Always spend some time on the front end before making a final decision in this area.

Get Help for your Home

The internet has made it easier than ever before to get information on a property. However, it is still a good idea to get professional help for your home. There are a lot of people who have done this in the past with great success. If you are someone who wants to make a quality financial decision, it is important to think long term when it comes to finding a home for your family. A local real estate agents knows the best areas to buy for the future. In addition, they can recommend the right prices to bid the properties at. This will help increase the chances that you make a good financial decision in both the long term and the short term. Anyone who is looking to make a change in their life can do so through a quality real estate decision.